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Vertical Concrete Stamping

Vertical Concrete Stamping is so new that the average home owners, General Contractors, and Architects don't even know much about it and most have never heard of it before. Most have just heard of Concrete Stamping which has been very hot for the last 6 years and you can see on the Garden and Home Remolding TV shows. With Concrete Stamping you can make any patio, drive way, side walk, any interior of your home look just like stone using any color and and any of the endless patterns, people swear it is stone but indeed it is concrete that has  been stamped with a stone looked rubber mold colored and sealed and given an incredible finish that make most marvel.

The newest after Concrete Stamping is the new Overlays known as Concrete Stamping Overlay, meaning you can make your old existing concrete regardless of its condition and install a 1/4 of an inch of Overlay on top of your old concrete, in the patio or where ever ,and make it look like stone or any of the endless stones/brick patterns and choose any colors and it will look just like the regular Concrete Stamping projects.

What is Vertical Concrete Stamping ??  It was invented about some 30 years ago by an Amish Christian gentlemen by the name of Andy from South Carolina at least most in the industry point him as the grandfather of it. Others have copy cat Andy's material but they crack and none compare to Andy's secrete formula and that is why Manny Ribera owner of Ribera Construction uses Andy's Vertical stamping materials. Manny Ribera went for a week of work shop on Vertical Concrete Stamping on June of 2006 and is the only Certified installer in the Midland Odessa West Texas area and he is so eager to let people know what it is and the endless projects that it can be used for.

What it is? It is a very light weigh cement that can cover any interior / exterior wall it is applied up to a 1 inch in thickness and at the right time it is stamped with the desired brick or stone pattern and then colored to the home owners or architect's choosing and seal to bring several years of beautiful pleasure at an affordable priced when compared to real brick and stone. There is no cutting with diamond   blades using enormous time like the real stuff that indeed it saves tons of money for the same beauty and really there is more you can do with Vertical Concrete Stamping with the endless patterns and endless colors you can use while real stone is limited on the color and shape. If you are tired of your old fire place this material is just perfect to cover just over it and make it look just like stone or covered in  any of the endless styles .Vertical Concrete Stamping can be done on complete exteriors of houses, churches and any commercial building especially steel building to comply with the new City code in Midland Texas. We have used it to go over cinder bock fences and around wall in swimming pool areas to change the cinder block look and to give it a more natural look. It can be use on complete interiors walls and this material is so flexible you can get as artistic as your creativity allows you to!  Wait and see what your friends and neighbors will say once it is done so fast and so quick.  The projects to be done with this material are simply endless.  Call today for a free estimates at 432-570-1955 and ask for Manny Ribera.

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